I have been commissioned to design aircraft livery profiles to explore various themes for aesthetic as well as practical reasons.

CA001. ANIMAL - Zebra 

 80% black lines on silver/metallic body.  Company logo on fin. Belly to reflect the selection of the earth on the animal to reinforce the link of the animal to the earth even though it is on an aircraft! Underwing to discuss, but new colour for flap boots.

CA003. TANZANIA - generic outlines

Body paint either 90% black or dark blue, with white and solid outlines of generic themes. With or without fin text?

CA006. SCRIPT - 'Karibu' (mock-up only)

Body paint metallic silver/grey. White outline of a Boma and solid outline of volcano on rear fuselage. Smaller red hand script 'Karibu' on nose.
Large red Maasai graphic on fin. Red flap boots.

CA011 - mock-up only

CA017. EXEC - A

Two groups of white spots in vertical lines running up a black fuselage, forward and aft. Graphic as logo on fin. Black or silver wing upper and lower surfaces.

Sir Sidney Kidman - Australia’s Cattle King


RP-Sanjiv Goenka Group - India