Over the years I have had the opportunity to shoot more than one aircraft alongside me or on the ground. Some of these have been aerobatic formations, private collections, or spontaneous events where similar aircraft have gathered. Either way, it is quite a logistical task keeping a group of machines together, whilst ensuring the event is visibly pleasing to the viewer, or to the photographer and making sure it is safe. This relies on the input from a lot of people, including the pilots themselves, the cameraship, the tower, authorities, and the observers.

Aircraft have included; BAe Harrier, N2S Stearman, DH Chipmunk, Kristen Eagle, CJ6 Nanchang, P51 Mustang, T6 Texan, L39 Albatros, R22 Beta II, SEPECAT Jaguar, Socata Tobago, Alpha Jet, BAe Hawk, Piper Warrior & Seneca, DH Tiger Moth, F5 Freedom Fighter, C1309 Hercules, VC10, HP Victor, Mooney, MB339, Mi24 Hind, Casa C-101 Aviojets.