Seeing this awesome aircraft is no longer flying operationally, my collection of images is really a tribute to the people who flew and worked with the General Dynamics F-111. I had the privilege to photograph both the Aardvark and the Raven versions of this aircraft over the years, but in particular for a book I produced in 1990 'SUPERBASE 11 Upper Heyford - Aardvarks and Ravens' for Osprey Publishing in the UK. This entailed spending many months visiting RAF Upper Heyford in Oxfordshire, where the F-111E's of the 77th TFS and the EF-111A's of the 42nd ECS were based. Subsequent to this, I had the chance to do a shoot at RAAF Amberley in Queensland, with the RAAF F-111C's. Grateful thanks to Captains Derek Jones, Ken Williams, Dave Wente, Ken Williams, RAAF Amberley and RAF Upper Heyford. All photographs © John Davison 1990 - 2004.