REMNANTS - structures lost to time

'Remnants' represents my current publishing project. I have an endless fascination with ruins, wrecks and relics - the things we have left behind. I have been shooting them for many years now, including during my Berlitz Travel Guide and other mainstream publishing assignments.  The content covers abandoned homes and civilisations, industrial sites, abandoned farm machinery, nautical wrecks and ruins etc. I have covered such places as the Lydian Tombs in Turkey, the Mayan ruins in Mexico's Yucatan, the French 'Cathar' castles and fortified towns of Occitanie as well as pigeonniers. Angkor in Cambodia, Thailand, UK, Roman, Greek, Australian gold mines, abandoned wooden homes in New Zealand and many more.
Photos can be used for private reasons, but not commercially. Please contact me for this . All photographs © Jon Davison 2010 - 2019.
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