Jon Davison portrait photography, green screen, digital.


Here are a few examples of my portrait photography, either shot in the studio, or on location. In the studio I use green-screen in order to add different background elements. This allows me the flexibility to add some of the atmosphere or environment in which the client works in. These are what I term 'natural' portraits, in that we have not used hair or make-up stylists, as this is a different ball game for studio work.

All photos © Jon Davison 2014. Courtesy of Richard Coldicutt, Toni Miller, Luke & Nadia, Luke, Jackson, Tess and Lilly, Dave Carson & Paul Houghton, Kim Grey, Alan Swan, Rama, Kate and Daniel.


This style of imagery allows you portray your subject performing the many roles they may do in their day to day work. So within one frame, you can have the subject in any number of positions. Like most visual things though, the technique is usually the easy bit. The composition or reason for the image is often the harder one to master! Therefore you are limited by your imagination. In this sense it is great when a client offers a challenge to create a portrait that stretches your ability.