These are PFD downloads of various illustrated stories John has written for magazines, newspapers etc. They range from aviation photographic sorties, to travel and book project and assignments. Please click on the image for each to view the story (more downloads to come!).

JOURNEY TO YAXCHILAN - Visiting the jungle covered city of Yaxchilan.

THE LAST ONE STANDING - Western Australia''s turn of the century inns and taverns.

PETE AND PAUL - An air-to-air sortie with two rare Pietenpol aircraft.

BACK TO LIFE - N2S Stearman formation shoot.

SWISS OVER 60 AND STILL SINGLE - Air-to-air shoot of a Pilatus PC21.

OUTBACK FILM SHOOT - Filming the PC12 of the Royal Flying Doctor of Australia.

SSG78 THE BLACK KNIGHT - A journey aboard an Australian Collins Class submarine.

SCULPTURE BY THE SEA - The annual beachside sculpture show in Perth Western Australia.

SEA CHANGE - Sea trials of Australian frigate HMAS Perth.

FLEDGLING WINGS - Air-to-iar photoshoot of WWII trainers.

FERRY SERIOUS BUSINESS - WA Police TRG in action as the Rottnest ferry is hijacked.

CASTLES, CATHARS & CATALANS - A month in the Pyrenees Orientales.